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The CUH oilproof frequency controllers includes SDVC31-XLP and SDVC31-UP which are both waterproof and oilproof. They are also equipped with all the functions of other SDVC31 series frequency controllers.

Time Adjustable Soft Start锛?/span>The controller will gently increase output voltage from 0 to the preset value when power on to avoid sudden shake. Soft start time can be digitally preset.
Restorable Short Circuit Protection: If output of the controller is short-circuited, the controller will shut down its output to protect itself and the load. But the fuse inside will not be blown. So when there is no short circuit at the output side, the controller will work again after power on.
Automatic High Precision Voltage Regulation: The internal digital voltage regulation circuit can eliminate feed speed variation caused by mains voltage fluctuation.
Digital Overheat Protection: If internal temperature of the controller gets too high, the controller will stop its output to protect itself.
Overcurrent Protection: If output current exceeds its rated value, the controller will stop its output to protect itself and the load.
Photoelectric Sensor ON/OFF Control: The CUH Intelligent Photoelectric Sensor can be connected to turn on/off the controller.
Remote Speed Control: Output Voltage of the controller can be adjusted remotely by an external potentiometer, a PLC, or a 1-5V DC signal.
DC Control Output: The controller can output low voltage DC power associated with ON/OFF Control of the controller to drive a solenoid or other external devices.
Type of Control Output: NPN type
Overvoltage Protection: If input voltage is too high, power supply of the controller will be shutdown automatically to protect itself.
Frequency Adjustment: Output frequency of the controller can be manually adjusted to resonant frequency of the vibratory feeder to get smooth, quiet and energy-saving feed effect.
Switch Sensor ON/OFF Control: 1 NPN switch sensor or PLC can be connected to turn on/off the controller.
Keypad Lock: Lock all buttons on the keypad by pressing the ON/OFF button and hold for 2 seconds to prevent misoperation.
Ingress Protection Level: IP67
Max Adjustable Output Voltage锛?/span>Max Adjustable Output Voltage can be preset to protect the load from damage caused by too high voltage.
Frequency Controller for Vibratory Feeder Free Sample