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Introduction: The carat tube is a hot-wound high-density polyethylene (HDPE) wound structure wall pipe. The wall pipe is made of high-density polyethylene resin as the main raw material, and it is made of hot-wound pop-type process with polypropylene (PP) single wall. The bellows is made of a support structure and is made of a special structural wall pipe having a high resistance to external pressure. Carat tube products can be divided into PR, OP, SQ, VW three series.
The usage of Carat tube
鈶?Municipal water supply and drainage: At present, the internal pressure of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) winding reinforced pipe can reach 12kg/cm2, which is an ideal pipe for replacing the original drainage cast iron pipe and cement pipe of the city; it is used for municipal underground drainage and sewage discharge. Rainwater collection, water delivery, ventilation, etc.; used to discharge liquid and gaseous substances into rivers or seas.
鈶?Large-scale water conservancy projects: long-distance water transportation, farmland irrigation, siltation in the reservoir area, use of water source pipes, irrigation pipes and
hydropower stations;
鈶?Environmental protection projects: Deep sea sewage, sewage treatment, garbage dumps, detoxification pipelines. Various structural wall structures and pipes of hot-structured wall-wound tubes, inspection wells, and pipe fittings can be used in advanced shallow drainage systems due to their reliable connection properties.
鈶?Oil industry: oil and gas pipelines.
鈶?Coal industry: coal transportation project and various ventilation systems.
鈶?Chemical Engineering: Chemical containers, especially corrosive fluid delivery pipes.
鈶?Power engineering: circulating water pipelines.
鈶?Road engineering: Crossing water culverts and crosswalks with large traffic loads such as roads and railways; used as seepage and drainage pipes for railways and highways; and methods for refinishing damaged pipelines by means of 鈥減ipe liners鈥?more and more important.
鈶?Agricultural engineering: farmland, orchard, tea garden and forest belt drainage and so on.
鈶?Large airport ports and docks: Drainage, sewage pipes, etc. for large airport ports and dock projects.
鈶?Construction: rainwater pipes, underground drainage pipes, sewage pipes, ventilation pipes, etc.
鈶?/strong> Communication tube: railway, highway communication, communication cable, cable protection tube.
鈶?/strong> Water storage system: a water storage system for intercepting slow water flow.
鈶?/strong> Special application: The hot-wound wall-wound tube can also be used for special purposes such as ventilation, passage, desert, marsh, fluid transportation in the lake area, etc.
The Parameter Of Carat Pipe
Diamaterring-stiffnessThicknessPitchFinned DNCoating En
The Connection Of Carat Pipe
鈶?/strong>Check the socket of the pipe for damage and the heating wire is intact.
鈶lean the surface of the fused socket to ensure that the connection surface is clean and dry.
鈶nsert the end of the pipe socket into the Electric melting socket, fix with the steel buckle And tighten with the clamp.
鈶elding connection: Using special welding machine.
鈶?/strong>Cooling: After the welding is completed, cut off the power supply, naturally cool, not water- cooled, cooling time, more than 20 minutes in summer, more than 15 minutes in winter
鈶?After the cooling,remove the steel buckle and check the welding condition.
The Performance Characteristics of HDPE carats in the construction of pipeline engineering
鈶?/strong>Good flexibility: Better flexibility High-density polyethylene wound structural wall pipe has good flexibility in macroscopic view, while local pipe section has strong rigidity and overall resistance to external pressure, in the presence of heavy load When used under the road, it is safe to pass. Due to the flexibility of the pipe, the occurrence of earthquakes, uneven surface settlement and other geological activities can also minimize the damage of pipeline damage, thereby improving the ability of public facilities to mitigate earthquakes and reduce disasters.
鈶he carat tube product is an environmentally safe product with the advantages of light weight, strong pressure bearing capacity, high interface quality, long life, corrosion resistance, high ring stiffness and convenient construction.
鈶?It is widely used in urban water supply, drainage and long distance. Water transport and farmland irrigation and other projects. The caliber is from DN300-DN4000.
鈶?The pipe is light in weight and good in overall flexibility. It is the main pipe of choice for buried sewage drainage.
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