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RuiDa's phenolic formaldehyde molding compound (Bakelite Powder) are combined with phenolic formaldehyde resin, wood flour, hexamine, pigment and other materials.
PF2A2-131: black, compression grade
Product Properties(PF2A2-131)
1. Easy pressing molding plastic
2. Medium impact strength, glossiness, better than PF2A1-131
2. Increased phenolic resin content
鈥?Kitchenware handles
鈥?Bread maker shell
鈥?Low voltage appliance
Product Specification
WorkshopPMC First LineReport Number2020/5/31
Porduct NamePhenolic Formaldehyde Molding CompoundProduction Date2020/5/31
ModelPF2A2-131Report Date2020/5/31
ColorBlackTechnical StandardGB 1404-95
NumberTest ItemsIndexTest Result
1Fluidity, mm90-120105
2Volatile Content % 鈮?/p>4.003.3
4Boiling Water-proof
5Flexural Strength, Mpa 鈮?/p>7074.4
6Impact Strength, KJ/銕?鈮?/p>1.51.7
7Temperature of hot distortion, 鈩?鈮?/p>140150
8Water absorption(Cold water) mg 鈮?/p>10044
9Molding Shrinkage, %0.5-1.00.72
10Dielectric resistance after 24h in water, M惟 鈮?/p>//
11Dielectric Strength, MV/m 鈮?/p>//
12Molding TimeS58
Company Information
Kaihua Ruida Plastic-Tech Co., Ltd was founded in 1984, which is one of the main manufacturer of Urea moulding compound, Phenolic moulding compound and Melamine moulding compound in China.
Company currently has over 400 staffs with a floor area of 90 thousand square meters, owns such enterprises as Zhejiang Wanhua Melamine Products Co., Ltd and the Sino-US joint venture named Quzhou Qinyuan Plastics Co., Ltd . Company's manufacturing capability comes out top in the same business line in China.
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Quality Control
1x20GP can load 22 tons, 880 bags, without pallet.
Delivery period: within 7 days.
Packaging: PP/ Kraft bag with wet proof inner bag. 25kgs/bag
Storage period: 1 year kept in cool warehouse.
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