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Product introduce:
Shipping container refers to a large-sized loading container with certain strength, rigidity and specifications specially used for turnover. Shipping containers can be used in rescue stations, advertising houses, etc.
Product show:
ItemTechnical parametersAdminister Standard
Floor loading2.00KN/sq.m.1.50KN/sq.m.GB5009-2012 load code for the design of building structures
Snow loading1.00KN/sq.m.0.75KN/sq.m.
Wind loading12 wind grade(wind speed 32.7m/s)10 wind grade(wind speed 32.7m/s)
Allowed stacked number3 layers
Seismic Grade
GB50011-2010 Code for seismic design of building
Hear transfer coefficientRoof0.43W/sq.m.K
GB50189-2005 Public building energy efficiency design standards
wall0.61W/sq.m.K (color steel inner board)
0.72W/sq.m.K(particieboard inner board)0.72W/sq.m.K
Design lifeover 15 yearsover 10 yearsGB50153-2008 Engineering structure reliabulity design standard
Standard flat pack container house meet the size of ISO shipping container. It can be transported in assembling state,also can be packed(height of packed is 647mm), each one can be packed into four parts, can adapet the multimodal transport, reduce the charge of transportation.China Container House