Ad Readers

Although the administrators of the Survey Feeds Website ( carefully vet all advertisers before publishing their ads, the Survey Feeds Website does not endorse any content posted by its advertisers.

The Survey Feeds Website strongly suggests that its users verify the identity of each advertiser who promotes or conducts a survey, focus group, research study, or any other activity, before participating in, or showing up for any of them.

Methods of verification include, but are not limited to:

  • Making sure that the address of the site you are invited to corresponds to a legitimate market research organization or facility.
  • Asking for the landline phone number of the company that is conducting the research you are invited to participate in; making sure that it belongs to that specific company or to one of the facilities used by that company.
  • During studies conducted remotely, such as web conferences, phone interviews, or online surveys, making sure that you are not asked to communicate your Social Security Number, Credit Card Number, or any other piece of information that might lead to identity theft or credit fraud.


The administrators of the Survey Feeds Website ( upon review, reserve the right to delete any ad published on it. Do not post ads that contain illegal, deceptive, offensive, or ambiguous information. Do not post ads that are not related to Paid Surveys, Focus Groups, or Research Studies.