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Published 11-09-16
Type of study Technology
Who might qualify (target audience) - Engineers - Industrial Designers - Managers: channel partner / vendor manager, office manager & small business owner - Administrative staff
Study begins on 11-15-16
Study ends on 12-15-17
Weekends included Yes
Time slots available during Day and evening
Description We are selecting Industry and Business Professionals for a Digital Advisory Panel -- a group of people who are willing to participate in digital research studies conducted by a global industry leader in industrial and consumer products. User research studies help them improve their website and other digital tools by getting feedback directly from industry professionals, like you. If you qualify and become a member of the Digital Advisory Panel, you agree to let them contact you to participate in future research studies. Most studies would be completed from your home or office using a personal computer or smartphone. Occasionally, you may be invited to participate in these studies at a nearby market research facility. There are frequently incentives for participating in a study, ranging from $20 - $75. Most studies are between 20 -- 60 minutes. You'll always know exactly what you'll receive and how long a study would take before you participate.

How to apply

By completing this brief questionnaire, you are signing up to become a panel member at no obligation or cost.
This survey will help us understand what studies you may be eligible for. This sign-up survey will take around 10 minutes to complete:

Your information is completely secure and confidential. We will only use your information for internal research purposes.

Thank you!
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