Publisher EricZace
Published 02-06-17
Type of study Healthcare
Who might qualify (target audience) We are selecting people diagnosed with cancer (currently OR in the past), to participate in a healthcare survey. Those whose condition is in remission are eligible too. Those who know patients will get $50 for each referral that qualifies and participates. If you would like to refer someone, please answer the questions below the survey link.
Compensation: additional info (cash, check, gift card, min-max, etc.) $150 for participating. $50 for each referral that participates
Exact location (Neighborhood, Suburb, etc.) Uptown
Study begins on 02-22-17
Study ends on 02-24-17
Weekends included No
Each session lasts 60'
The participant must show up for 1 session
Time slots available during Day and evening
Description A 60-minute session, during which participants will be asked to provide their opinion on their experience using and interacting with packages for medication. This is NOT a drug trial. There will be no medication in the package. This is a user research study and we are very interested in hearing patients' ideas about medication bottles we are testing. Any information about participants, any medical condition, or treatment, will be kept strictly confidential as allowed by law. At no time during the study will participants be asked to inject themselves or self-administer any medication.

How to apply

If you are interested in participating, please complete this 10-minute, online questionnaire:

You will be asked to answer some questions to help us determine if you match our target profile. If you qualify, we'll get back to you by phone and email. 

To refer someone, please answer the following questions. If the patient fits the profile for this study, the recruiter will call you with more details. 

Your full name: 
The patient's full name: 
The patient's conditions: 
Your telephone number: 
Your email address:

- There are limited spots that will be filled based on who responds first.
- Please be assured that this is a study for research purposes only and at no time will you be solicited. All information provided is strictly confidential.

Thank you!
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