Publisher EricZace
Published 04-14-17
Type of study Healthcare
Compensation: additional info (cash, check, gift card, min-max, etc.) Cash or Check
Exact location (Neighborhood, Suburb, etc.) Grayslake, IL, at a premier clinical facility
Weekends included No
Each session lasts 1.5-3 hours
The participant must show up for up to 3 sessions
Time slots available during Day
Description We are recruiting patients who have been diagnosed with certain chronic conditions for a research study. The study is designed to assess medical device injectors, and we are very interested in your ideas and opinions. Any information about you, any medical condition, or treatment, will be kept strictly confidential as allowed by law. There will be three separate visits: Screening Visit (2.5 hours), Training Visit (1.5 hours), and Test Visit (3 hours). During the Test Visit, you will self-administer placebo with an autoinjector which has a needle into the subcutaneous layer of your skin. You may be required to complete up to two injections, one at a time. No active medication will be taken as part of this study. Upon satisfactory completion of all visits, you will receive $1,000 in cash or check.

How to apply

If you are interested in participating, you must answer a set of screening questions online and over the phone. These questions will help us determine if you match our target profile.

Click on this link to complete our online, application questionnaire:

If you pre-qualify, we'll get back to you by phone and email.

- There are limited spots that will be filled based on who responds first. 
- Please be assured that this is a study for research purposes only and at no time will you be solicited. All information provided is strictly confidential. 

Thank you! 

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