Publisher andlharvard
Published 03-15-17
Type of study See Description
Who might qualify (target audience) Teen or adults between the ages of 12-22!
Compensation: additional info (cash, check, gift card, min-max, etc.) Cash
Exact location (Neighborhood, Suburb, etc.) Cambridge
Weekends included Yes
Each session lasts 2 hours
The participant must show up for 1 session
Time slots available during Day and evening
Description - if you are between the ages of 12-22, you may be eligible to participate in our Social Games research study at Harvard! - Participation involves answering some questionnaires from home (30 minutes) and playing some computer games during a lab visit (1.5-2 hours). - Eligible participants can win up to $70 in cash!

How to apply

 To learn more, please email Kat at [email protected] and refer to the "Social Games Study"

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