Hello, thanks for signing up to be a part of our research. Our team will be collecting data for a project intended to help improve consumer products. If you agree to continue, you will be participating in a Video Doorbell study.

We are going to need two participants from your household for 2 hours and we are going to ask you and your second participant to do a series of activities while the Video doorbell is recording.

Upon completion, we will provide you with a $150 gift card as a thanks for your help. These are debit cards that are recognized everywhere where Visa is accepted. They can also be used to withdraw cash from ATM's.

Within a week you will receive the Standard Consent and NDA form via email from DocuSign.com. We use this standard legal document for lots of projects, but remember, all your Data is 100% confidential, will be used for research purposes only. You can easily complete and sign this document online; it takes just a minute.

On the day of the appointment, one of the two operators is going to need to set up and test the equipment. The second operator will ask one household member to fill out our Standard Consent and NDA form, IF you have not completed and signed it online already.

Once the paperwork is signed, the operators are going to turn on the Video Doorbell and get you started with the first activity. At times they will ask you to repeat an action or activity and it will seem very repetitive. Remember it's not a test of your skills, it's just so we can improve the product. There will be eight activities and multiple recordings of each. Such as:

Entering the home (10 times): Enter your home like you normally would. Start from inside a car or around the corner of your home. Enter the home and close the door; you can also lock it. Leaving the home (10 times): Leave your home starting from the inside and walk away to your car, or down the block. Do not come back until recording has finished. Knocking (10 times): Walk up to the door and perform a natural knock, as you normally would. No one answers the door for this activity. You can walk back to your car or around the corner. Nothing happening (3 times): Negative recordings for Ambient Noise (Participant Break) Ringing doorbell (10 times): Walk up to the door and Ring the Doorbell by pressing the camera button, wait at the door, and walk back to where you were out of the camera view. Stealing package (10 times): You walk up to the home and steal the package provided. You can remove it in different creative ways. Walk away from the home and out of the camera view. Dropping package (5 times): You walk up to the home and drop off the package provided by the front door. You can ring the doorbell/knock and wait, or just drop it and leave. You can be creative. Then, Walk away from the home and out of the camera view. Delivering package w/ owner receiving package (5 times): You walk up to the home and deliver the package provided. Second participant opens the door and receives it. You can ring the doorbell/knock, or wait, and have a paper and pen for signing. You can be creative. Then, Walk away from the home and out of the camera view. We greatly appreciated you signing up and we hope that you will enjoy the study.

Things to remember: ● This is for research purposes only ● Two operators will show up at your home at the appointment time ● Children under 6 cannot be in the video ● Anyone not part of the household cannot be in the video Do - Things we should Do. ● Complete the activities with very few breaks as two hours are dedicated to recording ● Wear comfortable shoes as there will be moderate walking involved. ● Put cell phones and TV’s on silent ● Share information with friends and family on how to sign up for the study Don’t - Things we shouldn’t Do. ● Inviting friends may cause disruption and delay of the recordings. The study will be easy to do if you are home alone or with household members only. ● Take any photos of the equipment or the study activities