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Published 11-21-16
Type of study Healthcare
Compensation: additional info (cash, check, gift card, min-max, etc.) $600 check
Exact location (Neighborhood, Suburb, etc.) Grayslake, IL, at a clinical research facility
Study begins on 12-06-16
Study ends on 12-16-16
Weekends included No
Each session lasts approximately 3.5 hours
The participant must show up for 1 session
Time slots available during Day
Description Three medical injection devices are being studied and you will assess these devices. No medication will be injected, however a small, sterile needle will be inserted under the skin (subcutaneously) of your abdomen or thigh and you will provide feedback. Registered Nurses will perform each needle insertion. Session length: Approximately 3.5 hours with built in breaks between needle insertions. You will be required to arrive promptly at your scheduled slot for assessment of vitals, medical history, and physical exam prior to the start of the session. Qualified participants will receive $600 for participating.

How to apply

If you are interested in participating in this study, please complete this form:

If you pre-qualify, you will be contacted and must answer a set of questions over the phone. These questions will help us determine if you qualify to participate.
- There are limited spots that will be filled based on who responds first.
- Please be assured that this is a study for research purposes only and at no time will you be solicited to purchase the product(s) being tested.

All information provided is strictly confidential.

Thank you!
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